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When can I get my shopping delivered?

What is the minimum order and delivery fees?

When I make a purchase when will the product be delivered to me and am I able to self-collect.

What if I'm not home for my delivery?


What if Master Grocer’s does not sell a product which I would like to purchase?

I have a problem with the products in my order. What can I do next?


What are the modes of payment can I use?


How do I know that my data is safe?

How do I register an account with Master Grocer’s

I have register my account, how do I purchase an item?

Master Points

How it works!

How does Master Points works?

How do I receive Master Points?

I have previously like, share and on Facebook and followed on Instagram do I still be able to get the Master Points?

How do I know how much Master Points am I getting after a purchase?

How do i use Master points to offset my purchase?

How do I redeem my Master Points

Check out your cart

Not able to check out my cart

i'm facing issues checking out my cart, what should I do?


Referral Discount

How do I refer my Friends

I was referred by my friend, how do I claim