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Our Story


Our Idea


It all started with a statement, “How could we provide products which can be convenient and of high quality to our consumer, while keeping it affordable?”


By reinventing the ways a customer used our products and also ensuring that the every process gets the highest attention to details, so when the meat is presented on your dinning table the taste and quality is consistence.


Our Promise


We bring a widest range of highest quality meat at affordable pricing which also focus on providing convenience to you.


This is the Master Grocer’s Approach




We source meat from the trusted and reliable suppliers created from strong partnership throughout the year. Consistency of taste and quality is key to our high quality standards.



Blast Freezing


Blast freezing reduces crystallization while maintaining juiciness, flavour and tenderness. We blast freeze our meat individually and also maintain them at frozen temperatures from start to end of the supply change.


Frozen taste better. It’s how we ensure the consistent great taste of our meat.


Directly to you from Master Grocer's


Traditionally for the food industry, the products you purchase have to change hands multiple time before reaching you. By serving and delivering directly it to you, we are able to have control over the products.


Going directly from our source to you, we are able to provide affordable prices which and ensure CONSISTENT quality.




We source a wide range of products which is consistent with our high standards of quality.


Looking to purchase something to prepare for your special dinner with your love ones? Family gathering? Or just purchasing to stock up your fridge, we have mouth-watering products that will bring a smile to your face.

 Unique Selection


Some of the cuts we carry you may not have heard of it, but we believe in carrying a variety of items which will suit everybody needs. Allow us to guide you to enjoy the journey of learning and experiencing new cuts.




1 - 2 Days Delivery


Our approach is to make your shopping experience seamless and our products are carefully process and pack to your convenience. The products will be delivery to your doorstep within 48 hours max!


We also offer FREE Store Pick-Up as well.


Convenient Packaging


Our products are Individual Quick Frozen, you do not need to defrost the entire packing. Use what you need for your meal, keep the rest in the resealable ziplock bag and store it in the freezer.


Convenience is our promise to you.



Waste Reduction


With Individual Quick Frozen products you only need to use what you need and do not need to thaw the entire packaging, allowing you to reduce wastage of spoilt meat due to repeat thawing.

By purchasing frozen, you are purchasing meat at the peak of freshness, therefore you waste less and save more.