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How to defrost

Thawing frozen meat properly is extremely important not only to preserve the quality of the meat but also to prevent health risks. Here are a few simple ways how:

The Refrigerator Method

It might be the longest, but thawing meat in the refrigerator is undoubtedly the safest way to thaw meat. It also protects the quality of the meat, providing the best quality-control method. For our VSP trays or IQF bags, it takes up to 48 hours to thaw. From there, meat lasts for up to three days in the original package.

The Water Method

Here’s how it works:

VSP Trays: Place the meat in a bowl of cold water inside the kitchen sink. Change the water often, or place a constant drip of water to control the temperature. Check the meat after one hour – it should be fully thawed by then. Cook immediately after thawing.

IQF bags: Place the desired quantity of meat into a re-sealable bag. Submerge the bag in a bowl of cold tap water/ Let the bag sit in the water until it’s completely thawed, changing the water every 30 minutes, as needed. Cook immediately after thawing.



The Microwave

Who doesn’t like the microwave? It’s fast, and this method is surely the quickest of the three, but it’s the least preferable method in terms of preserving the meat’s quality. But if dinner can’t wait, here’s what you do: Puncture the plastic before placing it in the microwave. Use the “Defrost” function and set the time according to weight. Cook immediately after thawing